April 26, 2010

Give Flowers on Facebook

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Heard a very interesting feature on RTE Radio One the other day. Facebook are hoping to expand into the “real world”. At the moment, we often get virtual gifts on Facebook from our friends. Maybe you’ve gotten a hug or a cake or a bunch of flowers (or in one weird case a “balcony full of washing”…).

Flowers from Facebook

Flowers from Facebook

Well friends here is the future -

Facebook plan to expand their services. Soon you might receive a message on your page and to your mobile phone saying “your friend has bought you a cup of coffee”. The plan is that you will then be able to go to participating coffee shops (of which I’m betting Starbucks will be one!) and claim your coffee, paid for online by your friend!

I’d be happy with that! So long as we don’t all end up in our own separate bubbles drinking our coffee, smelling our flowers and updating our status :)

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