June 12, 2010

CMS on a budget

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We often get asked to design a small site but the client wants to be able to login and maintain it them selves.

This can seem daunting for client! There’s a smell of expense off the idea! But thanks to the wonders of wordpress, CMS (content management systems) are possible on a budget.

“But isn’t Wordpress for blog websites? I don’t want a blog!”…not always, is the answer. Wordpress sites don’t even have to include a blog.

So what do you get when you
have a site built on wordpress?
1. login panel that is secure
2. ability to easily update selected pages on your website
3. ability to upload new photos onto your site

Our sites built on Wordpress can still have a unique look and feel, we won’t just use an off the shelf template.

We’ll even give you a FREE lesson on how to maintain your website! All you have to do is ask : )

Contact us today to get a quote on a Wordpress site.

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